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I caught your eyes.

Your eyes caught mine.

Only our eyes were talking.

A stranger to me were you

but also a long missed friend,

a friend not from my past,

not from my present

but maybe one from my future.

Only our eyes were talking.

You seemed reserved.

I seemed not much different.

It took a while until we finally changed words.

I felt warmness.

You didn’t feel much different.

You were this mysterious stranger to me.

Mysterious but somehow familiar.

I felt close to you

but I didn’t know anything about you.

I had no chance to find out more

because I had to leave you too soon.

I promised to see you again at breakfast

but I did not appear.

Life had other plans with me.

You are still the same mysterious man

like in the beginning before we changed words

and only our eyes were talking.

But one day I will solve your mystery.

See you in the future mysterious friend,

maybe again at summer time,

maybe again at the place

where your eyes caught mine.