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“Can I also pay with my bank card?”

“Yes”, said the cashier “but only if it’s really your card! May I see your personal ID?”

“Sure, you may because it’s my bank card but I look old on it. Not a big fan of biometric photos.”

“You look indeed old”, she said and added immediately “but only on this photo. I must say I like your name. It’s beautiful. I like Turkish names.”

I was surprised and answered “Oh, thank you! Normally people don’t get that I have Turkish roots. By hearing my name they either guess that it’s Persian or Arabic.”

“But your last name is definetely Turkish. I can see that.”

“Wow, that’s interesting because my last name is not very common but yeah, thank you very much! Have a nice evening!”

“You, too! Have a nice evening, too!”, smiled the cashier woman when I left the grocery store.

Yes, I like my name. I am happy that my parents have chosen that name for me. I really do like my name. Not everyone is happy about their chosen names but I am. And I don’t know any other person with my name. I am the only one I know in person.

My name is Nesrin. It’s Turkish but it also exists in the Arabic and Persian world. but it’s written differently then. The Arabic version is Nesrine with an e in the end. The Persian version is Nasrin with an a as a second letter instead of an e.

I think my parents did not know the meaning of my name. I was curious why they called me Nesrin. My mom told me once “Because it’s short, easily pronounced and beautiful.”

A name with only six letters is short and it should normally not be difficult to be pronounced but I keep meeting people who struggle with the right pronunciation of my name. Most of the time I tell people they can call me Nessie or Nes instead and they are relieved to have that choice. So I suppose only a few people know me by my real name because the others cannot pronounce it.

I did not know the meaning of my name until I googled it one day.

Nesrin (also spelled Nasreen, or Nes-reen, Persian,: نسرین , Nasrīn) is a Turkish feminine given name of Persian origin meaning “wild rose”. It is among the most popular names given to baby girls born in Azerbaijan, in 2007. And this a very common Turkish name. In Turkey Nesrin name ranks 203rd among the most common names.
Wild rose. A rose can protect herself by her thorns. So do I. Wild rose. I am a wild rose.
Nesrin, the wild rose.